Take Charge of Your Health


Vital Wellbeing’s online self-paced ‘Take Charge of your Health’ online course cuts through the confusing health information so you can gain clarity over your health. 

This course is packed with honest, factual, practical and refreshing information and will leave you feeling empowered and confident to make different and informed decisions about your health and the health of your family.

Here’s what you will get:

✓ 10 modules that walk you through the health strategies I teach that have helped 1000’s of people in over 34 countries transform how they approach their health.
✓ PDF notes which allow you to follow along making notes against relevant slides.
✓ Audio files of all the video trainings which means you can either watch or listen!
✓ Lifetime access to the course.

Plus… you’ll also get these bonuses valued at $99

✓ Inner Game video
✓ Health e-report bundle
✓ E-book of The Vital Truth
✓ E-book of The Health Illusion

Here are just a few of our success stories:

Since 2004 Chanelle has worked on trusting and asking questions. The Vital Wellbeing health strategies and the vitalistic lifestyle now permeates her whole family – mum, dad, siblings, and her children; three generations making informed decisions about health.

‘If you feel there is another way to do things trust that, do not give up! I have so much more faith and trust in myself and my body now’ – Chanelle Vaughan, New Zealand

Since 2009 Kelly has been a student of Vital Wellbeing. She has learnt strategies that have helped her gain clarity on where health comes from and the confidence to make health decisions for herself and her family.

‘Thank you for helping me change my life, I’m eternally grateful for that. If you are thinking should I or shouldn’t I then you are already asking the question and you should just do it! I feel empowered, confident and fortunate to be on a different health path now.’ – Kelly McLaughlin, United Kingdom

Since 2017 Emily has been learning about the ethos behind Vital Wellbeing inspiring her to stay open minded and constantly ask questions even if they my ruffle some feathers!

“Dr Sarah Farrant’s “Take charge of your health” course is an honest, refreshing and insightful perspective that dares to deviate from the “norm”. Dr Farrant challenges her audience to trust the body’s “innate intelligence” and assists her listeners with uncovering what the word “health” truly means.” Emily Sutherland, Australia

Since 2004 Jo has been a student of the Vital Wellbeing health strategies and lifestyle that have given her confidence, clarity, trust and peace of mind.

‘I’ve watched you raise your family and it has been a privilege to go from seeing you have your children little having these ‘radical ideas’ to living it out. I can’t say I know anyone else in the health space who is such a wonderful example. I’ve learnt how to trust myself. I have more confidence and knowing how to ask the right questions has also helped me take charge of my health and life.’ – Jo McKee, Australia

Since 2012 Tom has worked on being curious. As new parents and faced with so many decisions he knew they needed a support network and a 10,000ft view of health. The Vital Wellbeing health strategies and Vital Wellbeing way of life now permeates his whole family.

‘I have trust and confidence now to make decisions for myself and my family. I have everything I need. Health is a journey and I’m a curious participant!’. – Tom Vaughan, New Zealand

“Chiropractic has made me more mindful of how amazing our spine function is and how the nerves affect and are affected by our daily lives, emotions and physical being. I feel more empowered by the adjustments and knowledge that Dr Randall shares.  I too feel I am in control of my healing and it’s fantastic to be in a positive healing space that’s working on the core imbalances rather than popping pills for the symptoms. I have a deeper understanding of my body and emotional capacity.” – Louise

As the parent of a handicapped child that cannot talk and tell us how he feels, since discovering Dr Sarah we have not been to a medical doctor. If he is not feeling well it is off to our Chiropractor and then after an adjustment, rest and his body will do the healing. The difference in Kameron since beginning this journey has been amazing. We as parents have peace of mind knowing no one is “experimenting” with drug/medical prescriptions on our son. Dr Sarah Farrant has shown us a health approach with no blood and no drugs.

Mum, Australia

Dr Sarah presents a thorough and inspirational perspective of the true nature of our health and the decisions we make with regard to our health. I have been overwhelmed with the numerous, and sometimes opposing options for healthcare that are offered. I have even questioned the decisions I’ve made to avoid too much intervention. After hearing Dr Farrant speak, I have a renewed confidence in my body’s (and my children’s) innate ability to heal, in the decisions I have made for myself and my family, and for the future of our health and well-being. Thank you, Dr Farrant for sharing such vital knowledge and encouragement!

Kelsey Zedwick, USA
Kelsey Zedwick

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