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This has been an exciting journey for us as we take what we know from over three decades of experience working with thousands of families – kids, parents and grandparents – and transform our knowledge into life-changing content and courses that can help you live a healthy and happy life. Your experience here is important to us. We have designed the website so you can find what you need easily and efficiently however finding the right place to start is paramount to your success.

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Our articles cover a range of health topics. The search function will help you find what you might be looking for or peruse the articles individually. Go here to read our articles.

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The Vital Truth was the book that sparked the ‘Vitalistic Health Movement’. In 2007 when it launched Dr Sarah predicted within five years the word ‘vitality’ and ‘vitalism’ would be words used predominately by health professionals and companies involved in the health industry including food companies. Cut to the present time and you no doubt have seen that prediction come true. These words are everywhere but not everyone knows how to live a vitalistic lifestyle. Drs Sarah and Randall are the ‘go to people’ at the forefront of living this way from food and family to education and business. Their products are now sold in over 34 countries. More recently Dr Sarah released her second book ‘The Health Illusion’ with ground breaking information on what health is and it’s sure to give you many ‘Ar-ha!’ moments. Go here to read our books

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All our events are life changing with the focus on optimising the health of generations and living a ‘vitalistic, healthy and happy’ life. Our events are fun, unique and of course full of life changing information. Go here to find a Vital event and save the date. If you would like the Farrant’s to speak in your community or at your event please email:

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Once a month we share articles, health alerts, products and quotes to keep you moving in a life changing direction. It’s packed with vital information to help change your life and there’s a share function to forward to your family members! Simply sign up for the free download below “The 10 Biggest Health Care Lies You Ought To Know”.

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