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Drs Randall & Sarah Farrant have been involved in the health industry since 1990. They have grown to become global mentors to thousands of individuals, families, health professionals, celebrities and sporting personalities. They have facilitated and inspired people to live a healthy and vitalistic life. Together they are the co-founders of Vital Wellbeing a business dedicated to providing vital tools for generational change in health. Vital Wellbeing was established to help people get the support they need with navigating health and parental questions.

They rebranded from Vital Moms to Vital Wellbeing because they wanted to be all encompassing to the family unit which includes grandparents, fathers and same sex couples and since taking the leap they haven’t looked back. They are the ‘go to couple’ on matters to do with health and parenting whilst providing an innovative and refreshing way to look at health challenges and lifestyle choices.

Today, they support and educate thousands of parents globally.

Drs Sarah and Randall have backgrounds in education, psychology, general science and chiropractic. They believe every individual has the ability to express health and chose to sit ‘outside the box’ when looking at parenting, health and life. They love to quote Einstein doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. They believe the best time to change the way you approach your own and your child’s health is right now! To find out the top 5 things the Farrant’s do to keep their family healthy and happy go here.

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Numerous – Global Impact Award for Women’s Leadership 2016

If you don’t read anything more about ‘The Farrants’ then at least read this:


They have found gaps in the health industry after spending decades in it


They believe that everybody has a right to health choice


They each have two bachelor degrees, one post graduate diploma and one doctor


They home birthed their three children the last of which was breech


They laugh every day with their children


They have award winning and global selling books The Vital Truth® and The Health Illusion


They established vital wellbeing for parents to access from any place, anywhere and at any time


They have never offered their children medication - prescribed, over the counter or scheduled.


They home educate their children


They do not have a family GP / MD


Their ‘medicine cabinet’ is full of beautiful essential oils and toilet rolls


They turned an ugly situation into an evolutionary way to look at health


They travel speaking and sharing the vital wellbeing health message

Here’s why they established Vital Wellbeing:

Vital Wellbeing was established because the Farrant’s had more and more people asking them what they do when it comes to health, education, conversations and life with their kids. People then noticed they had a different approach to both health and life, indeed a vital one. Because there is only two of them they decided to set up Vital Wellbeing so people could get more of them via reading their blog, reports and books or finding an event to mingle with like minded people and begin the journey towards a more healthier and vitalistic life.

It’s a magical feeling when you speak at sold-out venues full of parents-to-be, parents and grandparents all being taught how to step away from their current health merry-go-round and start living a healthy and vitalistic life!

Dr Sarah Farrant

Co-Founder, Vital-Wellbeing.com

Vital Wellbeing provides vital tools for generational change in health so parents can begin to change the way they approach health and create a healthier and vitalistic life for themself and their family.

Why do they do this? It’s simple: To optimise the health of generations!

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