This is a relatively quick and easy cake to prepare for birthday’s, Christmas, on holiday’s and well…really anytime you are wanting to host a dinner and wondering what to do for dessert. I usually make our own ice cream from scratch either from raw milk or from coconut milk/cream and both work great.

The other day I made this fast because I was on the hop and it turned out just as good! It also avoids those horrible processed chocolate toppings.

How you present your cake is up to you…so be creative!

Course Dessert

Cuisine Dessert

Prep Time 2 hours (if store brought organic ice cream) 24 hours if making own from scratch.

Cook Time Nil but there are a few hours of freeze time!

Servings 8-10 people


1 x litre/tub of organic ice cream of your choice (1 lit)

250gms x organic dark chocolate (85-90% cocao) or cacao nibs

250 grams x organic white chocolate

1/2 cup x organic pouring cream

30gm x organic butter

An abundance of organic fruit, organic chocolate or organic dried fruit. Choice is yours!


Ice Cream

  1. Line a round or square tin mould or large bowl with a non-stick film (e.g. plastic but I don’t like saying that!).
  2. Scoop ice cream into mold (we used a round ceramic bowl, nothing fancy) and press down firmly making sure the surface is flat.
  3. Place back in freezer and set for another hour.


  1. Place chocolate, cream and butter in a sauce pan or metal bowl over a larger saucepan (or double boiler if you have one) with bowling water.
  2. Mix until a smooth glossy mixture is created and all ingredients are melted.
  3. Cool mixture completely then with an electric mixer on high mix until fluffy and stiff.

Putting it together – work quickly so it doesn’t melt!

  1. Remove ice cream from fridge
  2. Lift the ice cream from the container and set on a presentation plate
  3. Remove plastic wrap
  4. Working quickly cover the ice cream with the chocolate topping as it will harden quickly. Place your fruit or other organic decorations to your cake
  5. Heat your chocolate topping lightly to then pour over the top of your decorations.

We used strawberries for this decoration because they were in season and the kids enjoy them but be creative and have fun!

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