So what keeps you functioning? I don’t mean the “what” part of this in reference to a person that is keeping you organised. I mean what is “it” that keeps you functioning… on the inside? Have you ever thought about what “it” is? Most people think “it” comes to them from something or someone other than them self but there is a growing movement of people who acknowledge that how they function has everything to do with them self!

How about we take a deep dive inside the body to see just what “it” is that keeps you and your children functioning.

It is not often that we sit and reflect on the internal workings of the body. When was the last time you thought about your heart beating or your food being digested? As you read through stop to integrate the little messages, the reminders that our nerve system and all other aspects of our body are working to keep us constantly functioning. And remember you are a self healing, self regulating organism who is constantly adapting to your environment!

At Vital Wellbeing we acknowledge that there is a greater “something” inside of each individual which gives them life creating the opportunity to have continuous function. For some people they call it innate intelligence, others call it innate, spirit, life force, Universal mind, God within and so forth. Regardless of what it’s called we cannot refute that there is some immaterial aspect of our self that is giving us life – it’s not out there, it’s within us. For the purposes of this article let’s call it “intelligence”.

In fact there is nothing mystical about this intelligence; it’s the same intelligence for instance that’s keeping your heart beating right now. A heart that is beating 7.5 liters’ or 2 gallons of blood per minute, over 378 liters’ or 100 gallons per hour and over 100,000 times in one day through 96,540 km’s or 60,000 miles (two and a half times around the world!) of blood vessels and yet your vascular system only weighs 3% of your body weight. Wow!

What is keeping you functioning?

Perhaps you were you just about to check in with yourself to see if a heart valve needed to be changed? Or is there a greater mind taking care of it for you so you have the free will to experience life?

Every second you lose 10 million cells – “poof” gone. And ever second you gain 10 million new cells – “poof” created!

Where you just now consciously thinking about making sure that system was functioning?

In every single cell of your body – one cell will go through the order of 100,000 chemical reactions per second.

Where you consciously thinking about doing that too?

Multiply this number by the 100 trillion odd cells that make up your body and ask yourself this Am I keeping track of all that? Or is there something that has an infinite “honey to do list” that’s taking care of it all for me?

If you took out all the DNA of let’s say of one (e.g. skin) cell of your body and you stretched it all the way out from end to end it would be two meters long; if however you took all the DNA of your body from all the cells and stretched it out end to end it would go to the sun and back 150 times. But get this… if you took the DNA of everybody on the planet and you scrunched it up all together it would fit into a grain of rice. Oh and did you know there are little enzymes that zip through your DNA to make sure there are no mutations…keeping you organised and functioning?

Did you know that?

Our brain processes 400 billion bits of information every single second but we are only aware of 2000 of those 400 billion bits. The 2000 bits however only have to do with three things: our body, the environment and time!

What are you aware of?

I’m aware that our “intelligence” is truly extraordinary.


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Aspects of this article included information from Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Evolve Your Brain”

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