There are many myths about water consumption and how much exactly we should drink. There is however one missing piece which I have not seen any one talk about which makes this Vital Wellbeing blog post unique in and of itself.

So let’s explore water…

How much do you really require but most importantly WHY do you require it… and it’s NOT what you might be thinking. I see in books and on blogs especially the nutrition sites and health clinic sites that say drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
Why? These sites say because you are made up of approximately 70 percent water and…

  • 75% of the brain is water
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen to the brain
  • Involved in the production of oxygen for breathing
  • Helps transform nutrients into energy
  • Protects and hydrates the organs
  • Helps the body to absorb nutrients
  • Represents 75% of muscles
  • Protects and lubricates joints
  • Represents 22% of bones
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Represents 92% of the blood
  • Regulates body temperature

Great, but for some people they are drowning after just two glasses, whilst others are drowning after seven! So what’s the difference? Well the amount you drink depends on various factors from activity, height, weight and climate to name just a few.

Let’s look first at what the body is made up of.

Remember there are two ways to look at your health 1) from an outside in mechanist way or 2) from an inside out vitalistic way. Both are starkly different when it comes to seeing what the body is truly made up of. I’m going to pick the vitalistic way to look at your body’s make-up.

At the top of the list are your systems for example elimination, digestive, endocrine (hormone), immune to name just a few. As we burrow down further into your body we go from systems to organs, for example liver, lungs, bowels and stomach. Next we go to tissues and then to cells, organelles, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, vibrations, energy and lastly light. When we break light down further we see a positive and a negative charge. And…when we acknowledge we are indeed made up of light then it makes it a lot easier to understand why water is vital to our health.

However your overarching communication system of your body is your nerve system; your nerve system keeps everything chatting to each other. There is not one thing you can do in your body without appropriate nerve function. Essentially there is a central nerve system – brain, and spinal cord running through your spinal column – and a peripheral nerve system, everything that comes out from the holes of the spinal column, to innervate the rest of the body.

The nerve system is like a massive, extensive, entwined electrical circuit. Can you see where I am going with this?

Your nerve system is your master communicating system coordinating all your messages between your brain and your body and your body back to your brain. The messages themselves are in fact travelling over nerve fibers…but through water, for a visual think of spaghetti floating in water. Your nerve system is housed in a body full of water for the purpose of speed of conduction. Speed of conduction for sending and receiving various messages.

A body that is topped up with water regularly will be more likely to conduct the messages faster because of the electrical nature of our make-up and the fact that electricity when placed in water moves at lightening speeds!

One way to keep your messages traveling between your brain and your body and back again at lightening speed is to simply drink water!

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