Whilst there is no argument against Vitamin C being important for the body there is however a jury out on what form of Vitamin C is the best – capsules, tablets, powder, laboratory made or naturally sourced.

Vitamin C consumption via Ascorbic Acid has a covert warning that few people know about.

The bottles of vitamins you most likely buy from your ‘health’ store, or local chemist warehouse or pharmacy may show a picture of citrus fruits but when you read the ingredients no citrus fruits are listed… just Ascorbic Acid. The Ascorbic Acid likely in your store bought, over the counter, Vitamin C is synthetic, made in a laboratory and most likely derived from genetically modified corn.

The process involves breaking down corn starch with heat, enzymes, acetone (think nail polish remover), and hydrochloric acid (highly corrosive) to produce ascorbic acid. This synthetic Vitamin C is commonly used in supplements and fortified food products. The supplement market has truly been taken over by the chemical industry. I’m sure this isn’t new news to you as it has been going on for decades. Chemical companies housed in Europe to Asia and everything in between pay for privately funded research on how to market their products by understanding what you’re looking for.

Did you know that? Most don’t.

And the supplement industry doesn’t have to disclose all the ingredients on the bottle or packet – you’ll have to call them to get the full ‘story’. So, regulation is a BIG problem given your label may just say ‘Vitamin C.’ Your over the counter Vitamin C may too contain ‘other things’ the body won’t take to kindly to such as – sugar, glucose syrup, flavours, colours, canola oil, sucrose, maltodextrin, polyethylene glycol, corn starch, food glaze, corn syrup, hydrogenated soy bean oil and the list goes on. One over the counter Vitamin C even said ‘contains fish.’  This type of manufactured Vitamin C comes at a cost to your health and your hip pocket.

Not all Vitamin C is the same… read on.

Vitamin C is not stored nor manufactured by the body so it must consistently come from food sources. Interestingly, if you have any kind of food intolerance than your intake may likely be lowered and given the way farming is today, with lots of ‘-cides’ added when growing fruit and veggies, is it any wonder that conventional foods are low in Vitamin C? And low levels of Vitamin C can contribute to low immunity, slow wound healing, restricted movement, fatigue, bruising, dry skin, cracked fingernails, swelling, depression, weakened blood vessels, bleeding gums and the list goes on.

But there are other forms of Vitamin C available that are not made in a laboratory.

Our family has been enjoying the wonders of Vitamin C from food (not a laboratory), in the form of organic Camu Camu, since 2014 and we have found the benefits to be immense for both our immune and nervous systems and our general wellbeing.

What is Camu Camu? Where does it come from?

Camu Camu is a berry which comes from the Camu Camu shrub (Myrciaria dubia), a small tree growing on the banks of the Amazon river. The berries are similar to a cherry size but different in colour, more red/yellow/greenish, and the taste is more tangy, like a lemon, due to the extremely high levels of natural Vitamin C.

In fact, Camu Camu is the richest source of Vitamin C of any fruit! 

And the benefits…

Camu Camu is packed with antioxidants for protection of your central nervous system and phytochemicals that assist with immune function and adrenal support in times of stress. And it contributes to normal collagen formation for healthy skin, gums, teeth, cartilage, and bones and assists with iron absorption from food. It also supports heart health and does so much more!

When people ask about Vitamin C, we openly share what we have been doing and each response is the same ‘when are you doing your own?’

So, we took a leap of faith and decided to bring out our own Camu Camu.

And hundred’s of people have already made the switch!

Our Camu Camu, (Myrciaria Dubia), is grown by a USDA certified organic grower in Peru and harvested by small local organic family-held farms in the Amazon basin. It is 100% raw, whole (it’s not an extract) and organic Camu Camu powder straight from nature. There are no other ‘things’ to worry about and it contains NO GMO’s, gluten, dairy or soy. Given Camu Camu’s tangy taste we prefer to have a teaspoon (1 tsp) each day added to a freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie.

And based on 100g equivalents our Camu Camu has 85 x more Vitamin C than oranges, 53 x more than kiwi fruit and 27 x more than black currents! It is so rich and so good for you.

Say ‘No!’ to synthetic, laboratory made Ascorbic Acid and say ‘Yes!’ to Camu Camu!

Here’s what people have been saying…

“I just wanted to let you know I have been taking your Camu Camu for quite a while now and I have noticed a huge difference. I take it first thing in the morning and find myself having more energy and combining this with your minerals has made a tremendous difference not only in my health but sleeping and motivation. Its great value and I will be continuing with it. Thanks for introducing me to this great superfood.” – Paula (verified buyer)

“Your Camu Camu product is perfect for my wife and I. We just mix it with water, or our daily smoothie and it is great to know we are getting such a rich source of Vitamin C and all the accompanying health benefits. It is also great value compared to other options we have tried. Many thanks for your continued dedication to providing affordable, high quality essential foods to NZ families.” Ken (verified buyer)

“I love your Camu Camu! I have been having it each night before I go to bed for some time now and I have noticed a huge positive difference in my energy, mood, swelling and my skin is not as dry. I really do wake up energised. I’m grateful you bought out Camu Camu it is an amazing superfood and it’s great value!” – Lisa (verified buyer)

“Since incorporating your Camu Camu Powder into my daily routine, I’ve noticed an improvement in my immune function, and beyond that, I am sleeping much better! I highly recommend it.” – Audrey (verified buyer)

Say NO to synthetic, laboratory made ascorbic acid and say ‘Yes!’ to Camu Camu!

Hundred’s have made the switch. Will you? Order here and like others you’ll notice the difference it makes to your health!


GOOD TO SHARE: Since 1990’s Drs Randall & Sarah Farrant have been global mentors to thousands of individuals, families, health professionals, celebrities and sporting personalities. They have facilitated and inspired people to live an alternate and Vitalistic life. https://vital-wellbeing.com


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