We wrote this a couple of decades ago when our kids were just little and it is truer today than ever.

Most people want to teach their kids respect, kindness, empathy but for us we wanted to teach them different things that kids are not usually taught.

For us respect, kindness and empathy were always going to be ingrained through our time spent together, as a family and home educating them through those vital and informative years. We have always seen our role as their guide; there to give them wings so they my fly. Over the years my husband and I have spoken with them about having a quiver within which many experiences, referred to by us as their bows, are housed. I wrote these twenty teaching points because they are points that will never cease being taught. They can be daily, monthly or yearly reminders as one is growing.

This was such a wonderful exercise to do and we encourage each of you to come up with your own unique set of lessons pertinent to your family. It is an empowering exercise to do as a couple.

1) Trust yourself.

2) Find out what everybody else is doing and run like hell in the opposite direction.

3) You have all the answers inside of you, ask the question and trust your answer.

4) Everything you are told is not necessarily true – ask questions and form your own conclusions.

5) You are a self-healing, self-regulating, self-regenerating and self-maintaining organism that is constantly adapting to life.

6) Limited thinking leads to limited experiences.

7) Never be numbed to the indoctrinated systems that are constantly around you.

8) Take a stance, be bold.

9) Love people for who they are not what they have or who you want them to be; celebrate their unique qualities.

10) Life is an adventure to be lived.

11) Say no to drugs – over the counter, prescribed and scheduled.

12) Live a vitalistic life – attune to your innate intelligence.

13) Eat organic food.

14) Receive a chiropractic adjustment at least every week of your life.

15) Your nerve system is the master communicating system, take good care of it.

16) Be in the sun without commercial sunscreen and swim in the oceans of the world.

17) Place the conversations happening in your head on the table to be shared as a family; we will all benefit.

18) Education and learning occur everywhere, every day, every minute of your life.

19) Express all of yourself not just part of yourself. What gets supressed gets expressed.

20) In helping others, you help yourself.


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