In 2004 I came across a gentleman by the name of Masaru Emoto when watching his documentary “The Hidden Messages in Water.” I also wrote about his incredible ground breaking research in my first global selling book The Vital Truth (2006).

Something back then struck me…

Why with all the incredible knowledge we have on the intricacies of the human body do we think water is just something we need to drink without thought of what it is and where it comes from? Do we drink it because someone told us too, or because our body is made up of so much of it? That is like saying food is just something we need to eat without a thought to where the seed has come from, the soil it is immersed in, how it’s is grown and where it comes from.

Why are we not we asking ourselves those questions about water?

Water is critical in all functions and at all levels of the body. From transportation and absorption of nutrients to the elimination of waste products. It regulates body temperature, acts as an emollient for your joints, shields your organs and irrigates your tissues, aids in digestion, breastfeeding, electrolyte balance as well as important roles in lymph, blood and cardio and immune systems…to name just a few!

But perhaps what people are not seeing is waters most relevant role in the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body intricately communicating with every cell via your nerve system. I wrote several years ago about the importance of water and the nerve system.

“Water defies both physics and gravity. It expands when it freezes and makes it’s way upwards through tree trunks” says Veda Austin, a well known New Zealand water researcher.

We all have an innate geometry and connectivity which makes water so unique within our body. Not only is the water within us responding to our innate thoughts as both Emoto and Austin affirm in their research but it is also responding to life outside of ourselves like music and other vibrations within the environment. When the quality of the water is compromised then the whispers the water gives to the nerve system upon consumption and the messages that then ensure become distorted, lost in translation and at worst short circuited; not getting to where they are meant to. This sets up a cascade of events in the body which slowly but surely erodes the health of the individual leading to dis-ease (a lack of ease) and possible disease.

Humans quiet literally are the most sophisticated water system on the planet with more water molecules within us then there are stars in the milky way and yet we continue to feed our bodies ungeometric water. I am sure we can all agree that the tap water we drink today is not the same as our great grandparents or grandparents. Tap water today is laced with industrial chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, fluoride and more often been stripped of all the wonderful life enhancing and energy giving minerals that are present in untouched water supplies.

Water, itself, is the largest single source of energy in the human body. Its constant movement, into and out of cells, supplies a substantial amount of energy which is why one of the first symptoms of dehydration is often fatigue. If the quality of the water is not present than the body becomes more and more acidic and dehydrated placing the overarching master communicating system, the nerve system, under stress.

Feeding your body with high quality alkaline water is a must for health and longevity. Never underestimate the power of water and its life force.

Note: This topic very wide and very deep and I have only touched the surface of it. To find out more please see our resource suggestions below to dive a little deeper.


Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto:



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