The power that made your body has the power to heal your body. Period. Imagine the difference if everybody in the world adopted this knowledge and lived by it ― wouldn’t the world’s illness and diseased rates be very different? No longer would we be blindly putting synthetic formulas or tablets into the body thinking this would improve one’s health.

I have chosen to be part of a profession that, at its core, acknowledges our innate intelligence and its close relationship with our nerve system; the master communicating system of the body. DD Palmer, the founder of the chiropractic profession coined the term innate intelligence. My understanding of innate intelligence prompted me to receive weekly adjustments during my pregnancies and many years prior to…not because I thought there was anything wrong but because everything was right. I wanted to make sure my body and uterus were as balanced as a hot air balloon rising to the sky, creating space for our unborn children to grow as nature intended – unhindered and unconstrained. Upon giving birth our children were adjusted when just minutes old and have received weekly adjustments ever since.

So, I want to take you on a journey of the developing child to highlight the genius, the innate intelligence, that really does live within us all. I’ll touch the surface of the intricate order of events that take place in the design of making you.

Here we go…

Upon ejaculation, the sperms innate intelligence knows what to do. They swim and swim and swim (an ultra-marathon) competing against each other for the right to penetrate the ovum wall. Provided there is no neurological (physical, chemical and/or emotional) interference, the sperm find their way to the egg. When fertilized we see a combining of their innate intelligence’s and all the necessary components to form a human being become present. Proteins, DNA codes, cells, tissues, organs and nerves are all ready to work harmoniously together. Provided there is no neurological interference this shall be complete at the end of nine months; a truly remarkable endeavour.

Three weeks after conception, the intricacies of this remarkable construction call for an overarching system to govern the ongoing development. This is when we see the formation of the brain and the nerve system, the master communicating system, that will coordinate and control development and all the functions of our cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body from the embryo all the way through to our physical death. Our amazing skeleton begins to form at around week five and six with our axial skeleton (cranium and spinal column) enveloping the most intricate and delicate parts of our nerve system. This development doesn’t stop until you are fully formed. In fact, the last bone to ossify is the clavicle or collar bone, at around the age of twenty-three.  Is it not remarkable that we have two ears situated on either side of our head and our eyes are situated just under our forehead and our nose and mouth are central? All designed to optimize function. The pure genius of our innate intelligence controlling and coordinating the activity through the nerve system.

Eleven weeks into the pregnancy all the systems of the body are in working order with the muscles and nerves working together to create the first movements. All this while the entire system fits into the size of our little finger. Now that is small! Only five weeks later the unborn child is identifiable as a human being, with eyelids, ears, nose, mouth, fingernails, feet, and organs.  At around eighteen weeks the child can suck its thumb – this action helps support the innate cranial sacral motion and the pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid around the body, delivering nutrients to its nerve system and taking toxins away. In uterine thumb sucking can also help prepare for breast feeding upon birth.  The fetus now has developed a personality of its own. It’s able to grasp with its hands, swim, turn somersaults, cry, talk, kick and punch… “ouch!” I remember those.  If there is no neurological interference, the fetus shall continue to grow into a healthy human being without assistance from external sources.

At twenty-eight weeks the fetus is considered to be viable, which means it has everything it needs to be able to live outside of its mother. Hair begins to appear, not only on the head, but on the body and eyebrows. A beautiful, cheesy-looking vernix envelops the fetus in order to protect its skin from drying. The child’s sleeping patterns start to appear and it responds to sounds in frequencies too high or too low for the adult to hear. In the following month, the eyelids open, sensitizing the eyes to light, the eye teeth are formed, the mother’s voice is recognized, and the hand grip is strengthened.

Once the child is born, they take their first breath, using their lungs for the first time. As long as there is no interference to the master communicating system the newborn has the opportunity to express 100% of their potential. Our innate intelligence which, if permitted to express itself without interference, will do so exactly right every time. The key is to remove interference to this innate process and this is where chiropractic can help.

Nerve interference is like static on a phone – you attempt to hear what the other person is saying and sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t. Your friend may have said ‘meet me at the park’ and you heard ‘pool.’ As a result, you are worlds apart. When the body creates nerve interference it interprets the messages with distortion resulting in a cascade of internal changes, your adaption to life is altered and your potential diminishes. The role of the chiropractor is to use their vast knowledge and intricate understanding of the nerve system to identify where messages have interference and are distorted and adjust accordingly. People who receive regular adjustments, be that pregnant or not, male or female, adult or child, often describe the difference it makes in how they function and in their overall wellbeing.

If you are pregnant, then consider chiropractic care for you and your unborn child, and if your little one is already here, then consider having them checked by a qualified chiropractor in your area. One thing is for sure… you will notice the difference!


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