Our body is made up of energy which also means it can get depleted. Just like using your phone all the time there comes a time when you have to recharge the battery. Learning how to recharge our body’s batteries for longevity, health and balance would be a wise thing to do. Most people are aware of the need to replenish the body’s batteries through diet, exercise and lifestyle decisions but there are other subtle, yet powerful, ways to recharge your body’s batteries.

Before I dive into those other ways lets venture for a moment into the body…

As you move through your body’s layers in a hierarchical way you’ll go from the whole body to systems to organs to tissues to cells to organelles to molecules to atoms (protons (+) and electrons (-) to subatomic particles to vibrations to energy to light and when we break light down further you’ll see there is a positive (+) and a negative (-) change… just like a battery.

Our body is knee deep in positive and negative realities. For instance there is cell growth (+) and cell death (-) occurring at the exact same time and there are tonic (+) and toxic (-) reactions occurring at the exact same time too. There are also electron exchanges taking place across cell membranes as well as inside the cell which are pivotal to cellular function. However are you aware, at a body level, we can exchange electrons with our environment? The electron exchange is happening everywhere within us, through us and around us.

Have you ever stopped to consider the idea of your whole body being a battery?

I’m not talking about the latest watch that tells you that you are depleted. I’m talking about attuning and listening to your body. What charges you up and what depletes you?

Here are some of our top ways to replenish your body’s batteries by adding more electrons from various electron donors to the body:

Get out in the Sun and eat organic food: The sun stimulates electron activity in the body. Biological processes, such as respiration, photosynthesis, and the breakdown of food molecules, consist of sequences of electron transfer reactions that serve to transport and utilize energy from the sun. Make a conscious decision to purchase foods that are not mass produced from farms that are depleted in nutrients from the earth. GMO foods and processed foods steal electrons from the body and organic, regenerative farming practices and foods add electrons to the body. Getting out in the sun will charge you up, as will eating organic foods.

Swim in moving water: water is an electron donor and moving water is even better. This ties into spending time at the beach bathing in the water moving around you whilst soaking up the sun!

Hugging: We know the benefits of hugging are immense. Hugging trees, animals and fellow humans provide us with lots of donor electrons; especially long loving hugs. Trees have lots of electrons to give and we all know the benefits of hugging the family pet especially a dog or cat. We benefit from the family pet donating electrons to us which they quickly replenish once they return outside to nature.

Walking barefoot outside on the sand, rocks or grass: Nature is a massive electron donor. If your body is depleted it will absorb electrons from the ground. So walking barefoot on the sand, the rocks and/or on grass (also referred to as earthing/ grounding) will benefit your overall health and replenish your body’s batteries.

So, walking to the beach barefoot with your family dog, going for a swim when you get there and hugging some trees along the way, whilst munching on a yummy organic snack will definitely recharge your body with electrons!

A central theory behind earthing/grounding (walking barefoot in nature) and forest bathing (barefoot in a forest with a few tree hugs) is that grounding affects the electrical circuitry between living cells. This electron circuitry between living cells supports our body’s immune defences. The extra electrons act in a similar way to the benefits of anti-oxidants. Theoretically, grounding and electron transfer helps to restore the natural defences of the body – charging you up!

In a similar way the chiropractic adjustment facilitates the body to restore the electrical circuits of your nerve system. Get adjusted before your adventure to the beach with the dog. Why? Because your body is a massive electrical circuit and having clear nerve system communication enables messages to flow with ease to all areas of your body – to and from the central nervous system. Adjustments help to recharge the big battery that is you!

And… it’s a lot healthier to plug into nature to get your electrons than to plug into electron-ics. Select one, two, three or all of the different ways to replenish your body’s batteries with the plethora of energy that exists in the world!


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