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Our Vital Foods products are easy to assimilate into the body and awesome for the WHOLE family!

Our Colloidal Minerals play a vital role in protecting your brain cells, generating new brain cells, conducting nerve impulses and aiding in muscle contraction and other physiological processes too. There are 19 ways to use your Colloidal Minerals.

Our Magnesium is a critical mineral for every cell in your body in particular your brain and nerve cells. It plays a vital role in growth and development, concentration, sleep, energy, anxiety, muscle function, digestion, heart health and more! There are 30 ways to use your All Natural Liquid Magnesium.

Our Camu Camu is the richest source of Vitamin C of any fruit! It’s packed with antioxidants for protection of your central nervous system and phytochemicals to assist with immune function and adrenal support in times of stress. It contributes to normal collagen formation for healthy skin, gums, teeth, cartilage, and bones and assists with iron absorption from food. It also supports heart health and so much more! For more information go here.

Colloidal Mineral Benefits

 Easily absorbed
 May flush heavy metals
 Increases low energy
 Support immune function
 Improved general wellbeing

Magnesium Benefits

 Calms nerves and anxiety
 Aids in sleep, digestion and concentration
 Relaxes muscles
 Growth and development
 Regulates calcium, potassium and sodium

Camu Camu Benefits

✓ Packed with antioxidants to protect your central nerve system
✓ Phytochemicals to assist with immune function
✓ Adrenal support
✓ Contributes to normal collagen formation for skin, gums, teeth, cartilage and bones
✓ Can assist with iron absorption
✓ Supports heart health

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“These minerals I feel are the best on the market. There is a significant and noticeable positive difference in our overall wellbeing. It’s the only one we trust. And because they are both liquid there are no nasties to breakdown before the good stuff gets to you. It’s easily absorbable, and making a big difference for my husband and I, our kids and grandkids too!”
– Caryn & Keith, verified buyer

“I just wanted to let you know I have been taking Camu Camu for quite a while now and I have noticed a huge difference. I take it first thing in the morning and find myself having more energy combining this with your minerals has made a tremendous difference not only in my health but sleeping and motivation. Its great value and I will be continuing with it. Thanks for introducing me to this great superfood.”
- Paula, verified buyer

“My family and I have tried many different minerals in tablet to power form but the Vital Foods liquid minerals are the only ones I keep coming back for. I’ve noticed the longterm benefits from more energy, calmer mind to less anxiety and irritability. I trust Dr’s Sarah and Randall Farrant, their products speak for themselves!”
– Catherine, verified buyer

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