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Never run out of our Vital Foods Organic Colloidal Minerals and All Natural Liquid Magnesium!

Our Vital Foods Organic Colloidal Minerals and All Natural Liquid Magnesium are easy to assimilate into the body and awesome for the WHOLE family! Mineral deficient soils means mineral deficient foods which may contribute to states of dis-ease. Our Colloidal Minerals play a vital role in protecting your brain cells, generating new brain cells, conducting nerve impulses and aiding in muscle contraction and other physiological processes too. Whilst our Magnesium is a critical mineral for every cell in your body in particular your brain and nerve cells. It plays a vital role in growth and development, concentration, sleep, energy, anxiety, muscle function, digestion, heart health and more!

Colloidal Mineral Benefits

 Easily absorbed
 May flush heavy metals
 Increases low energy
 Support immune function
 Improved general wellbeing

Magnesium Benefits

 Calms nerves and anxiety
 Aids in sleep, digestion and concentration
 Relaxes muscles
 Growth and development
 Regulates calcium, potassium and sodium

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