1:1 with Dr Randall


60 min Conversation

“Time and time again I have been inspired and comforted by your words and generosity.  As I work towards redefining my attitudes towards health it means so much to have your perspective, to feel fear melting away. Your generosity with us and your time Dr Randall blow me away.  You always go over and above what most practitioners would do, so thank you, thank you, thank you, for being there! We feel so blessed to have you alongside us in our parenting journey. Blessings to you and your beautiful family always. Arohanui” – Penelope


“Randall and Sarah are called “chiropractors”, but they are so much more. In the four years they looked after our family before moving away, they were carers, counsellors and friends. They offered the most comprehensive help of any health professionals we have been involved with, from regular assessments of our bodies, to visiting us in the hospital to ensure a smoother birth experience, and providing valuable tips on diet, decisions, and well-being”. – Peter, Wendy and Carys English

“Chiropractic has made me more mindful of how amazing our spine function is and how the nerves affect and are affected by our daily lives, emotions and physical being. I feel more empowered by the adjustments and knowledge that Dr Randall shares.  I too feel I am in control of my healing and it’s fantastic to be in a positive healing space that’s working on the core imbalances rather than popping pills for the symptoms. I have a deeper understanding of my body and emotional capacity.” – Louise

“It’s so nice to have someone so wise just a phone call away.  Dr Randall you have helped our whanau so much over the past year and we will be forever grateful.  We send all our love to you and your family. Arohanui” – Charlie

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