This recipe is super quick to prepare and put together. It’s 5 ingredients and 15 minutes! And you can substitute what ever you want…no almond butter but there is plenty of peanut butter in your house, not a problem just switch it out! It has a smooth, creamy, delicious and slight crunch taste (chia, cacao nibs) and they are seriously morish.

So, if you have kids that are “starving”, like ours always seem to be, then this could be that quick treat you’ve been looking for home education snacks, school lunches or after school or perhaps even a mid morning snack for yourself! And they are packed with nutritious ingredients.

Here’s what you will need:

1 cup organic pitted medjool dates

2/3 cup organic gluten free rolled oats

3 Tbsp organic almond butter or peanut butter if you prefer

1/4 cup of organic dark chocolate or cacao nibs (ground down)

1/2 capful of All Natural Liquid Magnesium

1 Tbsp organic chia seeds

Optional: Small amount of organic desiccated coconut and organic sesame seeds

Here’s how you put it together:

  1. Place the rolled oats in a blender or Thermomix pulse a little so the oats are grind down slightly. Remove and set aside.
  2. If using cacao nibs place them in your blender or Thermomix pulse a little so the nibs are grind down. They will still provide a slight crunch which is nice too. Remove and set aside.
  3. Place the pitted medjool dates in the blender or Thermomix and chop until a ball starts to form.
  4. Add the remaining ingredients including the oats (and cacao nibs if using them) into the blender or Thermomix and combine until there are small pieces but not overly blended.
  5. Carefully roll into 2.5 cm balls using the warmth of your hands to mold them together. Optional: coat in sesame seeds or desiccated coconut or both!
  6. This recipe should give you about 14-15 balls.
  7. We popped ours in the fridge to set for about 15 minutes after we had eaten some immediately!


  • Keep these in a glass air tight container in the fridge for about a week. Good luck with that…ours have never lasted longer than 24 hours. Kids love them at all hours of the day!
  • You can freeze them for a month in an air tight container.

Enjoy making these delicious and quick snacks for yourself and the kids!

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