A man watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. He watched intently and noticed the butterfly struggling with the process. The man thought: I should help the creature birth. Taking a pair of scissors, he cut through the chrysalis in the hope that it would help the butterfly to drop out of its home and into the physical world. The butterfly did just that. It dropped out easily but with compromise. The butterfly had a withered body and shriveled wings. He watched and watched and thought to himself that at any moment the butterfly would fly. He was waiting with anticipation for the event to happen, for the body to become firmer and the wings to spread and carry the butterfly away into the ether. The butterfly did neither. Instead it just lay there. It spent the rest of its life crawling around with its withered body and shriveled wings.

Was nature interfered with?

What the man failed to realise was that the “struggle” the butterfly was supposedly having during the birth wasn’t a struggle at all ― it was the ingenious design of the innate knowing of the butterfly. The sequence of events was happening at just the right time, in just the right order and with just the right amount of pressure in order for the butterfly to reach new levels of growth, opportunity and possibility upon its birth. Here’s the ingenious innate design: a butterfly, when ready to be born, pushes itself through a tiny opening at the bottom of the chrysalis and in so doing forces all the fluid from its body to the wings, which helps it to fly. What the man missed was that if you touch or pull at a butterfly’s wings it is unable to fly, and without the art of flying, it perishes.

Does this sound familiar to some? We can draw parallels with this story when understanding how humans are birthed ― or rather, “delivered”.

Here are some questions:

  • Why do people allow the educated mind of others to override their own innate understanding of their pregnancy and birth process?
  • Why do people feel safer at a hospital?
  • Why do people put more faith in technology than in their innate knowing?
  • Why do people attach themselves to an arbitrary date that doesn’t exist? Research tells us that only 5% of babies actually arrive on their “due date”!
  • Why do people allow others to interfere with this remarkable journey, either via physical, chemical or emotional means?
  • Babies birth like butterflies.

As they pass through the vaginal canal they create pressure changes which enable the fluid from the lungs to be expelled. This allows the baby to better adapt to life outside of the womb. Breathing takes place in just the right amounts and for the first time. Knowing what we now know about the body and its ingenious design as in the example of the butterfly, let’s have a look at these questions:

  • Does the sun need our help to rise in the morning? Does it need our help to set in the evening? Does it need our help to shine during the day?
  • Does the earth need help orbiting?
  • Do the stars need help to shine?
  • Do the tides need help to rise and fall?
  • Does a baby need our help to develop?
  • Does a human cell need our help to be healthy?
  • Do we need to help a flower develop from a bud?

The answer to all of these questions is no: nature needs no help, just no interference.

So why is it that we don’t allow our babies to grow and birth according to nature’s plan? If you have ever had the privilege of seeing a caterpillar in a chrysalis ― its house ― it truly is remarkable. A feat of greatness. You will notice that the chrysalis is built at just the right time, in just the right size and the caterpillar stays in there for just the right length of time in order for it to create its metamorphosis. There is nobody from its species telling it what to do, enticing it to come out, or attempting to predict its birth date!

In the caterpillar/butterfly world, nothing exists on the outside. Everything the caterpillar needs is contained within. There is an innate intelligence, and as B.J. Palmer said, “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” In the birth experience of humans, the same amazing innate intelligence exists. As we look at the beauty of Nature, we understand that humans are no different and that we only have to look at how Nature “does it”.


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