I bet you were expecting Dr Sarah, my mum, to write this one but instead I am. I’m Dr Sarah and Dr Randall’s eldest boy and seeing this story is about me I thought why not be the one to write it!

A little over a week ago a possibility was presented to my mum that would have me attend a camp for a super rugby team. It wasn’t confirmed, just put out to mum that it might happen depending on how many injuries prevented other boys from attending. Mum was on alert with space carved out in her diary to get me there at last minute. It was a Monday evening and the camp was to be held on a Thursday. Mum suggested I don’t share this with anyone just yet as it wasn’t confirmed.

“No worries mum” I said. However, I could feel my excitement grow, my future thinking kick in and my adrenaline start to surge. Usually with something as big as this opportunity my mum would end our conversation with “let’s not get too excited because you’ll likely create something to balance you out!” But…this time…she didn’t. So I wasn’t tracking on the balance coming.

I had just come out of a touch tournament with the National Touch team which was grueling. We played in open men’s and the weather was very hot so my body was exhausted when mum called to tell me the news. I was staying with some friends and attempting to relax but, there was so much to do – running, swimming, water skiing so essentially I didn’t stop…I had very little rest. On the Tuesday afternoon I spoke with mum and she said they are looking at the injury list and I should know soon..ish. I was so excited.

10 minutes later I face timed mum. I didn’t say hi I just went straight into it…”now mum I know what you’re going to say this is all about taking the next step and I created this and I know I did.”

With a laugh mum said “Ok, what have you created?”

Well I was running to the lake and stepped on something that has sliced my foot, I might need stitches.

Mum said “well that’s certainly all about taking the next step given the upcoming camp and the conversations we’ve been having!” Mum asked me to go to the bathroom, run the shower over the cut so she could see how deep it was. The blood was pouring out and the cut was very deep. Mum shared with me that I would probably need stitches but she didn’t want me to get them straight away, she wanted the blood to stop first. She reminded me that my body will know when all the debris is removed from the cut site because that’s when the bleeding will stop. She suggested I go and lay on a bed, place a whole lot of towels under my foot and let it bleed and bleed and bleed. “It will stop bleeding Anam, I guarantee you will not be bleeding by the morning”

Yes mum. Ok.” Mum and dad were a 2.5hr drive away plus a ferry ride!

I called mum in the morning “mum you’re right the blood has stopped.”

“Great” she said.

“So, I’m thinking I’ll go to the hospital and get stitches.”

“No, I want you to go to the local country GP.”


“Because you haven’t been in “the system” before – just trust me the service will be better, there will be less push for other unnecessary things and you’ll be in and out probably quiet quickly.”

So off I go with my friend to her local country GP.

In I hobble…“Hi, I’m just wondering if I can have some stitches please?” The lady at the front desk says yes of course you can. I fill in a quick form and then take a seat outside the medical doctor’s room. 10 minutes later the doctor comes out and invites me into his office.

“What happen?” so I shared the details. Immediately after I said “I’ve cut my foot open” the doctor said “you’re going to need a tetanus shot and if you haven’t had measles then we will do that too before I do the stitches”

I replied “No, I’ve never been vaccinated and don’t want to start now but thank you anyway.”

“Okay well you’re going to need antibiotics so that you don’t get an infection.”

I said “I’m all good with that too” but he gave me the sheet of recommended antibiotics anyway of which I ripped up and put in the bin upon leaving. He then took me into another room and said “I’m going to put a local anesthetic on it so that it doesn’t hurt” and I immediately replied with “No, I don’t want anything put in or on my body… just do the stitches thanks,” he replied “okay”.

The stitches got done and I got on my way…quickly!

And now….being home with my family receiving great adjustments from my parents, eating delicious organic food, drinking our minerals and having awesome conversations with my parents and siblings my foot is healing exceptionally well.

For me, sharing this story is about educating us kids. At 17, I was able to go on my own and navigate a system that I have never been part of all because of what my parents have taught me and continue to teach me.

Knowledge brings confidence. Keep teaching your kids how remarkable they are and their body is.

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