No matter how you look at it, being a mum changes your life. And what an amazing thing it is to care for another human being as they grow from infant to toddler, through childhood and the teenage years, and then to get to know them as an adult.

Yet for a growing number of mums, the pressure of raising their children “just right” can be fought with anxiety and overwhelm: what should they eat? What should they watch? What about their environment both at home and at school? And should they even be at school? Should I teach them at home? What about the clothes they wear and the games they play? What about health and science and religion? Aargh!

Anxiety especially is a rising challenge in all of society, and it’s particularly easy for mums to add an extra layer of tension, simply because they want to do their best. Many mums feel alone in their anxiety, convinced their “panic attacks” are something they must just learn to live with.

Anxiety, however, is debilitating. When you express anxiety, everything gets tough: social situations, dropping kids off at school, working through their “dis-eases”, coping with their crying, or even — as one mum told me — her kids “talking too much”. Ouch!

Does this relate to you, or to a mum you love?

Do you hear mums at playgroup or in the school car park talking about being overwhelmed, anxious and stressed? Does the cliche of a mum reaching for a pill or a glass (or three) of wine to relieve a headache sound all too familiar?

For some, it’s even worse. Medication for “mental health disorders” is starting to get a bad rap because of their poor rate of effectiveness, and the side effects can be deadly. Side effects can include reduced brain activity, depression, nausea, memory loss, impaired thinking, mania, hostility and rage, hallucinations, constipation, diarrhoea, dry mouth, headaches and even suicide.

Then there’s that feeling of having to “live with” medication and “disease”.

There’s a different path to take though…

Research supports the fact that chiropractic care can relieve anxiety and allow your body to express health at your optimum level*. It all starts with your spine.

Rather than “getting rid” of anxiety, or just masking the symptoms, you can address the underlying causes. First, you can acknowledge the innate wisdom of your body and the ingenious design of your nerve system. Changes to the nerve system caused by what I call the 3Ts —Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins — unbalance the communication system of the body.

When you restore the balance of your nerve system, you allow the innate intelligence of your body to work at its optimum level. Imagine the potential!

Here are some steps to assist with the overwhelm and anxiousness;

1. Your nerve system’s communication and your ability to function could be contributing to the mummy overwhelm and anxiety — Chiropractic benefits people by correcting interference housed within the body’s communication network — the nerve system. Your nerve system is responsible for controlling and coordinating the functions of your entire body. It uses a vast network of nerves, (much like a wiring system in a house … think electrician), to communicate with the various organs, tissues and cells of your body. Your spinal cord is the central “cable” that carries messages from the brain through the movable bones of the spinal column and out to the various “places” in the body. If there is interference (think 3Ts) along the pathway than the effect of this can be disturbed function of which anxiety can be one outcome. When a chiropractor identifies communication interference (called vertebral subluxation), he or she will endeavor to correct the subluxation, not to treat any particular condition or disease, because good nerve supply is essential to the function of the body.

I personally do not offer chiropractic adjustments to “treat” anxiety, panic attacks or “mummy overwhelm” or any other condition. Seeing the quality of your life is based on the quality of your questions, how about we ask this question … “Who needs a good nerve supply more than someone who is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks?” Precise chiropractic adjustments allow for better performance. In my practice experience people have reported positive changes in many areas of their life.

2. Look after yourself in other ways — eat wholesome organic food, get enough sleep and exercise, prioritise your days so your mind is free to focus properly, and give yourself time to think. Feed your mind with the things you want to learn about. Get those wi-fi gadgets out of your bedroom and you’ll find you sleep better. Sit in the sunshine. Laugh. Isn’t that what you teach your kids to do? It’s time to do it yourself!

3. Remember you have all that you need inside of you — your body is perfect, with optimum health — physical, chemical and emotional — stored inside you as potential energy, just waiting to be expressed when your nerve system is well-aligned. Repeat step 1!

When you realize you can be healthy, relaxed and sure in the decisions you make for you and your kids, you’ll begin a whole new path of discovery. You’ll learn to calmly plant your feet on the ground and speak your truth, to your kids and to yourself without the “mummy overwhelm.”

“No doctor can heal, nor can anyone else produce healings for you, but when correct adjustments are made, the body’s self-healing process begins and dis-ease turns to ease.”

– D.D. Palmer

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* study conducted by Dr. Madeline Behrendt, Associate Editor of Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), and Dr. Nathan Olsen, a chiropractor in Boise, Idaho, found that chiropractic treatment reduced the symptoms of anxiety in a particular patient by 80%, and reduced their headaches by 90%.


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