I was told as a young tacker to eat my veggies because they were good for me; I did and still do. I was told to exercise because it was good for me and I still do that too.  I ate and still eat my fruit because I was told it was good for me. I was also told to just “chill” on occasion which I did and still do because someone told me it would be good for me. At the core of my actions was and is a strong intuitive knowing that these things are indeed good for me. I’m sure you have that intuitive knowing too.

In chiropractic circles there is a common conversation occurring at the local organic coffee shop between those that choose to incorporate this remarkable health approach and philosophy into their “health routine” and way of life.

The conversation goes like this…

“Hi Sally!” (kiss kiss on either side of the cheek).

“Hi Lucy!”

Sally says: “Oh Lucy I saw my chiropractor today for my report appointment and I learnt so much about chiropractic that I didn’t know before and left the appointment with such an amazing understanding of my body.  But she wants to see me again and again!”

Lucy replies: (with a standard response) “Why?”

I feel it’s an ironic conversation when there are health professions that want you to take medication for the rest of your life touting you have too and it will be good for you. Umm.

This is exactly what a Vital Wellbeing follower posed to me a few months ago. The question was, “Why do I have to keep going back to the chiropractor again and again?” I thought about my personal life and how I receive weekly adjustments, still eat my veggies and fruit, exercise almost daily and chill out.  So I replied in the best way possible coming from the perspective that it’s about how you choose to see health – either learning to live with disease (pill for every ill everyday of your life) or learning to live with health. And chiropractic is about optimising your ability to adapt to your life using no drugs… did I mention no drugs?

Who’s right and who’s wrong?

I, however, have met people who were told to take medication for the rest of their life because that would be best for them but they don’t want to. They realise that doing so is going against what they intuitively believe is right for them, however they still do it because they know no other way to express health.

I recently did a “half hour to health” presentation to a group of individuals who meet each Friday. Each time I talk to intimate groups of people or individuals about chiropractic and health I start with what their pre conceived thoughts and perceptions are about what I do.

There is one particular response I hear the most;

“If you go to a chiropractor they want to see you for the rest of your life”

“Bingo!” I was not let down this time either as a rather stern and sceptical lady was ready to put chiropractic in its place. And my response:

“Yes and what a marvellous thing to have chiropractic adjustments for the rest of your life!”

Of course she was rather perplexed with my response and in I went with explaining chiropractic in a way I hadn’t really done before.

I asked for a show of hands to each of the following questions:

  1. Who wants to have greater well being?
  2. Who wants to have better function?
  3. Who wants to lead a healthier life?
  4. Who wants to enjoy life?
  5. Who wants to have less pain, symptoms and disease?

People put their hands up for all five after all I haven’t met a person who doesn’t what to live a healthier and more abundant life optimising the function of their body.

I posed another question…Who is taking prescription or non-prescription medications?

All put up their hands. I asked who would like to reduce or better yet stop taking their medications. All put up their hands. Some even replied “I would if I could.” Wow.

I again asked another question. How many of you have been told you need to be on these medications for the rest of your life?

Many hands were raised somewhat slower this time as people looked around the group first to see if others were raising their hand; having been told the same thing and sensing the irony in the question. At one level they knew taking the medication was not assisting their body to express health but rather making their life bearable.

I was excited that this group of people were willing to play and I clarified that in fact chiropractic works effectively and efficiently with the first four questions I’d posed – greater wellbeing, increased function, lifestyle changes and enjoyment.

I was quick to share that the fifth question referring to pain, symptoms and disease is where the allopathic profession chooses to place its full attention.

Chiropractic on the other hand focuses on optimising your own ability to express health and well being. This is why chiropractic is good for you, just like good organic food, fruit and vegetables, clean water, regular exercise and “chilling”.

Chiropractic is something you want to do for the rest of your life!

I was able to paint a gentle picture of already doing something for the rest of their life that in fact WAS NOT supportive of the body or indicative of health.

Based on the show of hands I saw when I asked the question is anyone taking prescription and/or non-prescription medications I felt compelled to share further. I said your most likely waking up each morning and going to a pill box that has printed on the top “M, T, W, T, F, S, S” and swallowing a pill that someone told you will give you health and you’re doing this action every day. I added that they were in a sense seeing their medical doctor each and every time they swallowed their medication, day in and day out.  I also added that they were taking these medications to reduce pain, symptoms and disease and not to specifically change their health, alter their function and create greater well being.

So I left them with a choice…

You can learn to live with health and receive regular adjustments to assist with changing your current health circumstances and how your body functions SO YOU CAN have a different expression of health, increased vitality and greater zest for life OR you can swallow your medication every day for the rest of your life whilst focusing on pain, symptoms and disease.

I, of course said “learn to live with health and see your chiropractor… regularly!”


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