How many times have you been told chocolate is not good for you? I bet many times. However, the number will also depend on what ‘healthy’ circles you move in. Those that know… know that chocolate is loaded with wonderful health properties which can benefit the body greatly and those that don’t know will continue to tout it’s dark side. But it all comes down to the type of chocolate and it’s quality.

What are cacao nibs?

Most people are familiar with different forms of chocolate – dark, milk, white, cocoa – but what about cacao nibs? Not many know or use cacao nibs but it is becoming more popular since being classed as a superfood which can boost your energy and burn your fat! Cacao nibs are the small left over pieces once the cacao beans have been cracked, fermented and broken apart. Eating the nibs themselves provides the most nutrients because they’ve been processed the least.

What are the health benefits of cacao?

Raw, organic cacao contains a variety of phytonutrients and has more antioxidant activity that tea, blueberries, wine and goji berries! Cacao nibs act similar to dark chocolate by reducing inflammation, sharpening ones focus and calming your mood! Other health effects include reducing oxidative stress, improving heart function, facilitate digestion and gut health and improve kidney and bowel function. What is not to love about Cacao nibs!

Where does Cacao come from?

Hailing from Mexico, Central America and South America this superfood has, for over 3000 years, been enjoyed by the people of the world for health purposes. People have used it in ceremonies, as a currency, and as a food… so versatile.

Just to be clear there are cocoa nibs and cacao nibs. There is a difference. The cocoa is likely to be the variety you grew up with… think hot chocolate kind of like cocoa powder. Cocoa has been processed many times and then sugar is added before it reaches your mouth so we suggest not purchasing cacao in this form. The closer you can have a food to it’s original nutrient form the healthier it will be for you. Raw cacao has no sugar so hence the better option for your health.

So why not kick off enjoying some delicious and nutritious cacao nibs by making our super quick decadent homemade chocolates... just in time for Easter!

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