I have written on prescription drugs before specifically excipients as well as medical obedience. But fluoride is one I have gone back to many times on our social media over the decades – 2013, 2015, 2016 and again now. And I have a similar feeling that what I write here will not do the subject justice; it is a wide, deep, and controversial topic. A topic that tends to polarise and divide people much like the word ‘vaccine’ does.

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA, Fluoridation of water is one of the greatest achievements in the 20th Century. Fluoridation of water began it’s journey back in the 1940’s but it was 1945 when it hit the water with a marketing message centred around fluoride strengthens the developing teeth. But over seventy years later people are still afflicted with tooth decay. Even though clear-cut evidence suggests consuming fluoride is dangerous to human health and does little to protect and strengthen the developing teeth from cavities it continues to be supported, recommended, and pushed ‘as good’ by academics and public health officials.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists Fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin, chemicals that interfere with neurological development in-utero and in children and the commission lists it as an endocrine disruptor causing severe disruption to thyroid gland function. And over 50 human population studies have linked elevated fluoride levels with neurological effects… particularly lowered IQ.

Fluoride is spouted as being safe to 1 part per million (ppm) and in the same breath say it’s a poison. A mere 1/4th milligram of toothpaste ingested and you are advised to call poison control but beware that could be the same amount found in just one glass of water. Children are advised not to swallow the toothpaste and yet many children eat it because of the sweet tasting sugars or sweeteners added to it. Did you know over 40% of adolescents (12-15 yrs.) have fluorosis, changes in the enamel on the teeth, which could also spark changes in other organs and structures of the body namely thyroid, as I mentioned before, bones and the brain.

Dr Angela Hind MD, a specialist in Internal Medicine, raises an interesting point that perhaps it is not about dose but about when the fluoride is introduced in to a child’s life. She says “even a little bit of the poison at a critical time in a child’s development can have lifelong negative impacts on that child’s brain.”

I’m just going to call it how it is… fluoride added to water becomes a drug.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines drug as;

a substance used as a medicine in the treatment of a disease

And according to Merriam Webster Dictionary a drug is;

a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body

And the reason it is being given to the masses is to prevent the ‘disease’ of dental decay. Research however tells us that areas with fluoride in the water and those without fluoride in the water have both seen decreases in tooth decay. Interestingly, 98% of Europe and 90% of the UK are non-fluoridated.

Wonder what they’re doing about tooth decay? Hmmm…

But if you live in one of the fluoridating nations who have over 50% of their population on fluoridated water (NZ, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, USA, Chile, Brunei or Malaysia) you’re having it whether you like it or not. There are no consultations, no public debate, no referendums.

Did you know:

  • Fluoride is everywhere. It is not just in the water it is toothpaste, fluoridated salt, pesticides, processed beverages and foods such as soups, juices and beer to the morning tea and coffee. Anything that is using water for production and manufacturing will have fluoride.
  • A compound known as hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA or FSA) is the fluoride chemical added to our water. According to Jeremy Seifert in his documentary called ‘Our Daily Dose’ ‘the HFSA comes from the smoke stacks of the phosphate industry captured by wet scrubbers put in place under the Clean Air Act to remove fluorine gas and other pollutants. But it also contains trace amounts of arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead etc’ and it is found in 90% of fluoridated water.
  • HFSA is a known by-product of the process used to create phosphate fertiliser considered a toxic waste.
  • More than 200 animal studies also show that fluoride has adverse and detrimental effects of learning and memory.
  • Fluoride is the only unregulated drug that is forced, as a mass medication, on the population with no control of dose or frequency. It’s impossible to measure.

So where is the informed consent in this drive to fluoridate the water supply and mass medicate the people?

Does this not go against a person’s right to choose what goes into their body and against the Bill of Rights perhaps? Hmmm haven’t we heard this before?

In NZ there has been a recent directive (no informed consent) given by government to local councils to implement fluoridation of water supplies and it’s created a stir amongst the people and quite rightly so. As of May 2023, according to Fluoride Free New Zealand only 22 councils out of 67 have any fluoridation. However, the Ministry of Health in NZ has directed 14 more councils to start fluoridation by July 2024 and another 22 councils have been contacted and advised that they will most probably be given a directive to start fluoridation in the future.

Here is how you can help your family:

  1. Get adjusted by qualified chiropractors for neurological integrity.
  2. Always go back to our Vital Wellbeing mantra of Move. Eat. Think. – get moving, eat well and think differently.
  3. Raise awareness in your community and attend council meetings.
  4. Get good quality water filters for your whole house water.
  5. Switch toothpaste providers to natural and fluoride free.
  6. Eat healthy food made from scratch – avoid /eliminate processed bought foods.
  7. Use your voice, speak up, share what you know with family and friends.


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Watch this short documentary by Jeremy Seifert ‘Our Daily Dose’ here:



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