Just like conventional foods there are conventional supplements – mass produced in a laboratory and synthetic in composition. And just like there is wonderful organic, whole foods there too are wonderful whole food supplements.

Supplement means ‘that with which anything is made full or whole’ and comes from the word supplere which means ‘to fill up.’ New light can be shed on supplement type when we too acknowledge the root meaning of the word health means wholeness.

Here’s a question…

Does taking a vitamin and/or mineral over the counter, laboratory made, synthetic conventional supplement benefit your health? Or would your focus be better placed on eating whole foods (i.e. foods made from scratch) and then obtaining what you think maybe ‘lacking’ in your diet from wonderful food supplements?

I am not a proponent of conventional, synthetic, mass-produced supplements. And I am against using over the counter synthetic, mass produced conventional supplements like a pharmaceutical drug. I think a healthy interaction with the right food supplements can be beneficial and contribute to a well-functioning nerve system and therefore body.

Let’s face it if you’re not willing to change your diet, take responsibility and care about what goes into your body to fuel it then over the counter synthetic supplements made in a laboratory are not going to enhance your health… after all they are made in a laboratory. Just like chips, a fast food, are made in a factory; eating them will not enhance your health.

We can get all we need from whole foods if we partake in regenerative farming practices, have great soil balance, use organic seeds, are conscious of the foods we consume and live a balanced lifestyle with reduced stress. However, for a very high percentage of people this is not the case nor is it possible. Most people lead busy lives with stress be that financial, family, physical, emotional and work to name a few. The two-parent working household means there is little time left over to establish and nurture a ‘grow our own’ approach to food. Food is then bought from conventional places like supermarkets where mass production of food to ‘fed the planet’ comes at great cost.

Industrial farming using chemicals – superphosphates, glyphosates, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and a plethora of other chemicals and practices – has been the conventional methodology for many decades because of the ‘high production – low cost’ attitude. Most of the chemicals used in farming have been linked to birth defects, allergies, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s to name but a few. Those health challenges, and the accompanying decrease in neurological function, can be directly attributed to a lack of minerals in our diet. Foods arrive at the supermarket depleted in essential minerals and vitamins which means they lack taste as well. This slow drip chemical assault on our food has serious health problems when it comes to ‘feeding the planet’.

In short, the soil is exhausted which means we are too.

Health challenges we are told can be reduced by supplementing what we might be lacking. And whilst that statement is true it does depend on where the supplement comes from – laboratory or food. Manufacturing companies specialising in conventional supplements – laboratory made and synthetic – have a healthy marketing budget, selling direct to the unassuming and unquestioning customer.

But just like the slow drip chemical assault on food there too is an assault on the supplement industry and the unquestioning consumer.

Let me share a story…

When we were early into practice a rep for a well-known supplement company (think ‘Practitioner Exclusive’ or ‘Practitioner Only’) popped their head in our practice door to tell us about their new fish oil capsules. They were excited to share the latest addition to the range. I wasn’t so keen to listen but I gave her the time despite her knowing our stance on conventional supplements.

I only had two questions after she completed her speal:

  1. Where does the fish oil come from? She told me the fish they sourced.
  2. Are those fish wild caught or farm fed? Her answer… farm fed.

She left.

The supplement industry is expected to be valued at $327.4 billion by 2030 with some of the major players being Abbott, Nestle S.A., Pfizer Inc., and others. But did you know most conventional supplement companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients?  Hmmm… where have we seen that before? That’s why moving away from conventional store bought, over the counter supplements and toward food supplements is important.

For us we espouse food supplements every time, all the time because there is a wonderful symbiotic relationship with whole food, the soil it grows in and your body. What’s good for your body is good for your nerve system (the master communicating system of your body) as well as your immune system, digestive system, endocrine system, respiratory system and so forth.

If you are going to supplement, then these are the two we suggest you have first purely because these are hard to obtain through conventional farming practices.

The first is organic colloidal minerals.

I wrote above that most of the chemicals used in farming have been linked to birth defects, allergies, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s to name but a few. Those health challenges, and the accompanying decrease in neurological function, can be directly attributed to a lack of minerals in our diet.

We have been having Organic Colloidal Minerals since 2010. In 2018 we decided to bring out our own line of these minerals because people kept asking us to do so. There is over 70+ minerals extracted from plants found in peat that is thousands and thousands of years old – they are not mined from rock. We extract via a cold extraction process to preserve the goodness and then suspend the minerals in ultra-pure deionised water. They are not synthetic or derived from questionable sources. They are bioavailable, whole, organic, ethically sourced and free of excipients (the added ‘things’ they put in drugs and supplements). Colloidal minerals feed your cells, support your nerve and immune systems, increase energy, contribute to cell and brain function as well as bone growth and bone strength, can flush heavy metals and assist with closing the epithelial lining in inflammatory gut challenges and so much more.

The second is Camu Camu (Vitamin C) – raw, organic and powdered.

Camu Camu is a berry from the Camu Camu shrub in the Amazon. It is the highest source of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world. Unlike other animals on the planet we humans and the great apes cannot manufacture our own Vitamin C, it must be consumed so quality is vital. We have been eating Camu Camu since 2014 and as a family we all love it. Most people however have synthetic, laboratory made Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. However, ascorbic acid is usually made from GMO corn, is extracted under high heat and has acetone (think nail polish remover) and hydrochloride acid (HCL think highly corrosive) added to the processing. It’s synthetic in production. Camu Camu is a whole food, packed with antioxidants to protect your nerve system, contributes to normal collagen formation for skin, gums, teeth, cartilage, tendons and bones, supports heart health and can assist with iron absorption and so much more.

Your body really is amazing. It has millions and millions of biochemical reactions occurring every nano second of your physical lifetime and a plethora of nutrients are required in order for these reactions to have optimal success. Having a conventional supplement ignores the symbiotic relationship that the nutrient has with it’s surrounds.

The wisdom of your body, your innate intelligence, really does know what to do every time, all the time. The important part is fuelling the multitude of pathways, ‘the system,’ with whole food supplements. Isolated or combined minerals or vitamins bought over the counter and synthetically made in a laboratory will do very little for your health.

Food supplements however have the additional nutrients within it, as nature intended, for maximum uptake and utilisation by your body. It’s the combination of ‘many within one’ that will set you on the path to optimal function and health.

Like my dad said find out what everybody else is doing and run like hell in the opposite direction. When everyone is consuming over the counter conventional supplements isn’t it time to make the switch to food supplements?

To find out more about Camu Camu and Colloidal Minerals go here


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