This is one of the most refreshing salads that we make at home and we all love it. It is rich in superfoods and is great for your immune system. It is super easy to put together and you don’t need a lot to get all the wonderful benefits of the food in it.

Here’s what you will need:

Here’s how to out it together:

  1. Place all the green foods as well as the ginger, onion and garlic into your blender and pulse twice until blended. We have a Thermomix so I pulse on turbo twice. Wipe down the insides of your blender/Thermomix
  2. Add all remaining ingredients including the oil, colloidal’s and magnesium and camu camu and blend until you cannot hear it chopping anymore – roughly about 5-7 secs. In the Thermomix I pop it on level 7 for 5 secs.
  3. Pop into a bowl and eat!

Note: You can add 2 x Tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon when in season instead of the apple cider vinegar. And if you do not have a blender or a Thermomix then chop everything very finely and you will get a similar salad!

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